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What We Teach

    At GPA, we are proud of the education the children in our care receive. Lesson plans for each age group are developed to ensure every child is challenged to reach his or her full potential. By teaching the A Beka Book curriculum, our students learn to recognize, read and understand letters and numbers. They also develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their actions and an awareness of the importance of treating those around them with fairness and kindness. Because of the many successes each child celebrates daily, our students develop high self-esteem, confidence in themselves and independence.

The A Beka Book Curriculum

    Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, developed the A Beka Book Curriculum over 30 years ago. The phonics-based curriculum is taught in many schools across the country and offers educational products for students 2 years old through 12th grade.

     A Beka Book provides a detailed scope and sequence for each age group and grade level which clearly defines the academic goals students are working toward. This allows teachers and parents to easily evaluate student progress throughout the year. It uses a teacher-directed classroom approach in which teachers present lessons to the class and students complete assignments to gain a better understanding of those lessons. For more information about A Beka Book, you can visit their website at

Enrichment Programs

    In addition to the standard lessons, students at GPA also benefit from enrichment programs taught by specialists in their field. Click on “Extra-Curricular” to learn more.